Featured Character: Abedul Al-Dil Balá

my Control Freak Inner Dwarf

As I was a kid, my mum would read me to sleep these amazing traditional tales from around the world that to the present day I distinctively feel as a part of myself.
They were published in an incredible set of books within the much wider and more ambitious project called Centro Editor de América Latina  which certainly changed our cultural lives as kids then, and still today influences our ways of learning and enjoying culture diversity.
Since my foundations root in this diversity, it is not to wonder I am a multiform person, and every now and then I come to facts with the many characters living inside me.
All this goes to introduce you to the newly individuated, little but not powerless star-in-me: My Control Freak Inner Dwarf, aka Abedul Al-Dil Balá.

He is minute, as said before, and for that I tend to undervalue his strength, yet he has a way of getting along with it that I would not really notice until too late that he’s freaking out of his (and therefore mine, as well) mind.
He moves openly and acts directly, and he reasons with me, he seems harmless and confident while presenting the case’ pros & cons, and “always” leaves the ultimate choice to me.
But like Sharazade, has such a power of seduction that I cannot help surrendering. [sigh!]
So I would find myself “rationally” making sense, when instead I am just being overpowered by Abedul once AGAIN.
He is lucid and wise; he is a tough guy and knows the facts, and appealing to real past experiences, he traces the sketches of how the future will certainly be.

But ¡alas! He has one MAJOR defect, and that’s he lives IN me, for his utmost misfortune has never gone out, not even for a short holiday tourism or a scholarship exchange. And since he doesn’t know the outer space, has no external elements to add to his control passionate essential equation: LIFE.
He lacks variables. His predictions are often correct, but that’s the thing: OFTEN. For in many occasions we (he & me) have not been able to actually see what would have happened if we wouldn’t have been so focused on “our perfect plans” and would have just let the magic carpet flow to whatever destination it felt to go.

So, since it is not but recently that I have come to sharpen his looks, my search for a compromise has not ended yet.
However, I cannot help wondering how it’d turn out if I introduce him to a sexy, gorgeous, veiled gal to hypnotize him at least from time to time.

By the way, written at 5:30 a.m. of a filthy sleeping night.

A picture of Mr. Abedul
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